Monodies pour Mallarmé (1​-​32)

by Antoine Beuger

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"A morning, alone in my parents flat, I decided to record “Monodies pour Mallarmé”, one of the beautiful compositions of Antoine Beuger. For me it´s a composition where you can enjoy, with calm, all of the tones and all of the background that appears in the “places” between notes and, sometimes, at the same time of the tones or even over them. It´s for me a kind of contemplative experience: playing and listen... alone,
mixing the accidental background of my neibourghood and the accidental way to play the notes. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.....just in the way I felt.
Suddenly, my father knocked on the door, came into my room and asked something (He didn´t realize that I put an advice on the door). The recording was disrupted in the score-page 32.
Even with this fatal incident, I´ve enjoy very much listening the track. I enjoyed playing it so I decided to share the recording even if it´s not finished."


released December 1, 2015

Tomás Gris: Melódica




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